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The United States faces an eWaste crisis. eWaste is the fastest growing and the most toxic component of municipal garbage. Unfortunately, local governments don’t have sufficient revenues nor the expertise to handle recycling this kind of waste. In addition, not many consumers wish to purchase outdated systems, despite the fact that many of these computers still work or can be refurbished and placed into productive use.

As a consequence, many of those old computers get thrown away, end up in local dumps and pose a future threat from lead, mercury, toxic flame retardants in plastic components and a host of other toxic ingredients. Many computers sent off for recycling end up in landfills of developing countries. If inappropriate methods to handle eWaste are employed, the threat of extensive environmental pollution and health hazards will be realized.

The eWaste Recycling Center has initially taken the responsibility to take the Silicon Valley environment into account. The success of our efforts and many good works has already been proven. For instance, our commitment to comprehensive stewardship of older computer equipment has enabled us to refurbish more than 85% of older computers turned in to us for recycling. With the help of CTC’s strategic partners these machines were restored to normal working order and shipped to domestic and international locations. Communities comprised of students, parents, educators, administrators, villagers, seniors, and government leaders have embraced these networks and look for new ways to improve their lives using computer technology and basic hardware and software skills.

The eWaste Recycling Center plans to receive ewaste brought to its collection facility by Silicon Valley residents. In addition, the eWaste Recycling Center has plans for a series of monthly collection events in several Silicon Valley cities.

The eWaste Recycling Center has pledged not to dispose unwanted residues in municipal landfills or to ship it overseas where eWaste will endanger the environment. The eWaste Recycling Center is a non-profit organization whereas other e-waste recyclers are for profit. In addition, the eWaste Recycling Center is approved by the California Integrated Waste Management Board, as well as other municipal recycling agencies.