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More than ever the need to provide true universal access to today’s information highway remains a complex open issue. There are no global solutions, only significant awareness and much debate. Community leaders worldwide are looking for new ways to provide services that enable the information poor to learn basic computer hardware and software skills. Why? Because, today’s increasingly digital world requires a work force that has information technology skill and ability.

The need for PCs, Internet access and basic computer training is crucial. Today’s ability to survive in an internet-worked global society is dependent upon knowledge and technological skills — and these goods are very highly valued in places where disadvantaged people lag behind the rest of the world. Technology has become a critical part of every industry, and people must learn how to use it effectively. W. Ralph Basham, director of the U.S. Secret Service recently said, “information is the world’s new currency” – this statement is so true.

CTC plans to improve access to computers, Internet, and productivity software for those most in need. CTC Computer Learning Centers enable the information poor to develop usable knowledge that extend beyond local boundaries. The CTC vision and mission seeks to provide clear and substantial value by working with stakeholders to deliver programs that:

  Close the digital divide

  Provide educational programs that help move people out of poverty; and

  Support and strengthen families