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“We need your service, right now, in this moment – our moment – in history. I’m not going to tell you what your role should be; that’s for you to discover. But I am going to ask you to play your part; ask you to stand up;ask you to put your foot firmly into the current of history.”

– President Barack Obama

America has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. Now more than ever, volunteers are renewing their commitment to helping others and making new connections that bring us closer together as families, as neighbors, as communities, and as a Nation.

The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation Council created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service.

To those men, women and young adults who have given so unselfishly of their time and energy to CTC in striving to bridge the digital divide so others may find a little better place to live in this world, we stand up and applaud your commitment. Thank You.

Such generous individuals we are proud to call friends ~ We share them with you as follows (alphabetical order):

Acosta Jacob Bronze
Advincula Joel Gold
Almogela Alyssa Silver
Almogela Justin Silver
Almogela Haley Silver
Almogela Chris Gold
Almogela Lorraine Gold
Almogela Tatiana Gold
Arias Rudy L. Silver
Asuncion Jean Rose Bronze
Babauta Abby Bronze
Barbadillo Chelsea Silver
Barbadillo Jade Silver
Barbadillo Jessica Silver
Barbadillo Nancy Bronze
Barbadillo Maria Bronze
Barbosa Aoi Bronze
Bragais, Jr. Adolfo Bronze
Buada Janell Bronze
Cabuco Estrella Gold
Cabuco Nick Bronze
Cape Evelyn Bronze
Cunanan Mel Lifetime
Dahdouh Sarah Gold
Dangca Chrislyn Bronze
Dangca Karen Bronze
Dangca Sheren Bronze
Dantes Ed Lifetime
Dimaandal Loreto Bronze
Doman Lorna Bronze
Doman Brian Gold
Domingo Chastity Bronze
Earles Marissa Bronze
Eliysares Meilani Bronze
Eliysares Kaleio Silver
Estrada Gabby Bronze
Felipe Dan Bronze
Felisilda Caslyn Gold
Felisilda Lyn Gold
Fernandez Nerissa Bronze
Fujimoto Eiko Gold
Fujioka Eiko Bronze
Gaddies Dolores Silver
Gonzalez Sarah Lifetime
Gualberto Augie Gold
Guan Jenny Bronze
Iokepa Puanani Silver
Iokepa Cliff Gold
Kantoniemi Veronica Silver
Kantoniemi Steve Silver
Kantoniemi Ging Bronze
Kassa Nick Silver
Key Roger Bronze
Lau Stephanie Bronze
Lavarias Rollie Bronze
Lee Jesse Gold
Lew Angie Bronze
Lewis Gladys Bronze
Linde Mark Volunteer
Linde Emily Volunteer
Ly Boa Bronze
Macaraeg Mac Bronze
Macaraeg Arline Bronze
Magat Arnold P. Silver
Magat Joel P. Silver
Manayan Henry Gold
Mancao Bo S. Volunteer
Munroe Albert Lifetime
Munroe Eda Gold
Munroe Scott Gold
Munroe Shawn Gold
Naas Francine Gold
Naas David Bronze
Navarro Jim Bronze
Nejal Victor Bronze
Newell Kevin Bronze
Parangalan Evelyn Bronze
Parangalan Tina Gold
Parangalan Riz Gold
Paule Kat Bronze
Paule Gretchen Bronze
Prendergast Ryan Bronze
Prendergast Rachel Silver
Punsalan Cicero J. Silver
Punsalan Norbin C. Silver
Punsalan Demos Lifetime
Ransopher Salley Silver
Reyes Linda Volunteer
Ries Kurt Bronze
Rimando Celina Silver
Rimando Jaime Bronze
Salud Neliza Silver
Salud Nelson Gold
Santiago Dean J. Silver
Santos Jenirose Silver
Santos Rose Bronze
Seddique Isaac Bronze
Smith Azenith Bronze
Solis Dick Gold
Tagay Eddie Gold
Tarleton Michelle Silver
Tejada Kerynne Silver
Tenedora Ging Bronze
Tenedora Carinna Silver
Tenedora Josephine Gold
Tenedora Alfonso Gold
Tudtud Ben Gold
Valle Richard Lifetime
Verceles Ulysses Gold
Villamarin Jorge Lifetime
Villamarin Nita Silver
Villanueva Amado Lifetime
Villareal Jim Gold
Visco Bessie Bronze
Whetstone Lina Bronze
Whetstone, Jr. Roy Bronze
White Sandy Bronze
Yoshida Alyssa Silver
Yoshida Richard Bronze
Yoshida Amy Bronze