Welcome to California Technological Care (CTC)! Our mission is to increase access to technology and digital resources for under-resourced communities.

California Technological Care, a 501-C (3) non-profit organization, was founded with the belief that everyone should have equal access to the resources they need to succeed in a digital world. We work tirelessly to promote digital equity and help bridge the digital divide that often exists between those who have access to technology and those who do not.

At our organization, we strive to make technology and digital resources more accessible to all. This includes providing access to computers and high-speed internet, promoting digital literacy education, and developing new digital resources that are tailored to the needs of under-resourced communities. We work closely with community partners, educational institutions, and other non-profit organizations to achieve our mission. Our team is composed of passionate and dedicated professionals who are committed to making a positive impact in the world.

Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to create a more equitable and inclusive digital world, where everyone has the opportunity to access the resources they need to succeed.



Our mission is to bridge the digital divide by providing equitable access to technology, digital literacy education, and resources. We aim to empower under- resourced and marginalized communities, and to ensure that everyone has the skills and tools they need to thrive in today’s digital world. Through partnerships, advocacy, and community outreach, we strive to create a more just and equitable society where technology is a tool for inclusion, rather than a barrier to opportunity

What People Say

Testimonials from Volunteers and Stakeholders (retrieved from the Great Non Profits)

“CTC has been reaching out to the less fortunate by bringing computers into schools, community centers, and libraries where individuals can receive free training. Today, CTC is working with schools where Children with Special Needs can develop hope for their future. This "all volunteer" group has been doing this since 1999 funding its activities itself along with a few small donations. To date, thousands have been able to take advantage of CTC's services.”

“For more than 10 years CTC has been a leader in establishing programs to help eliminate the "Digital Divide". I have seen individuals caught on the wrong side of the divide who would have had no chance to advance in this ever-advancing digital world if it had not been for the "free" training conducted by CTC. I have been involved in the implementation of these programs, the installation of "free" computer equipment and the training of the beneficiaries serviced by CTC. They have an amazing track record of helping thousands of individuals in this all volunteer organization. Check out their web site.”

“I have never found an organization with dedicated people working hard as a team, with a strong mind set of going through whatever obstacles they may come across. Their resolve and mind set are commendable and I certainly pray that they will continue their good work. The city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan was a recipient of their Computer program and will be forever grateful for the generosity. More power to CTC, we are with you all the way.”

“I was fortunate to have been involved in the early stages of CTC Development. I was volunteer in helping collect donated computers and had allocated workspace to do repair and upgrade of computers and its accessories. It was an exciting time to see CTC grow in each of the mission it targets.

“I was one of the two volunteers who started teaching computer lesson to seniors/retired veterans at Eastside Neighborhood Center in Alum Rock, San Jose, CA. Loved doing it and it gives me a good sense of volunteerism to teach Microsoft software to the old folks.”

“I am a CTC volunteer and because of the time I put in into the organization, I was elected to the Board of Directors. I was lucky to get involved in one big shipment of used computers to the Philippines and observed firsthand the reactions of the recipient children. The computers were donated by small and big companies in the Bay Area and refurbished in our Milpitas Center. We sent the computers to remote areas in the island of Luzon. I was in one of the team who went to a remote school in Batangas. We gave a set of eight refurbished computers to the school and establish a computer center. The teachers were very appreciative of our effort and I was touched especially when they said that they teach the computer to the kids from the books and pictures they have but have never touch, seen or work on a real computer. The government does not have the money to supply the school even with one computer. It was just in their dreams but we are bringing that dream to them and to the school children. Some of the kids have tears in their eyes.

“Being involved with California Technological Care (CTC) is the most stimulating experience in my life. Ten years ago, my co-founder and I intended to ship two computers to a public school in the Philippines. It is unimaginable that today, CTC had shipped thousands of computers to several countries like the Philippines, Afghanistan, Paraguay, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. As a co-founder, I've seen the dedication and hard work of the volunteers in their interest to help the disadvantaged. They've spent hundreds of hours in performing variety of tasks from picking up the computers from the donors' location, to refurbishing the units and finally installing the units to the recipient organizations. Since the organization does not received any grant from either foundations or government, the volunteers spent their own money to accomplish such tasks. This is a 100% volunteer-run organization. As a consolation, most of the volunteers received the President's Volunteers Service Award from U.S. President Bush.”

“CTC is like no other program I know. Volunteers work tirelessly to help those who need computers in poverty-stricken areas. Like many non-profits, CTC has very little money, but I was amazed by how much the volunteers did with their heart and dedication. They truly understand that education is power and by distributing these computers, they're helping those less fortunate get the tools they need to create better lives for themselves. I highly recommend this program.”

“When I was the Director of the Parent Engagement Center (PEC) that provided training for all parents in Fresno Unified School District I had a great and joyful experience with CTC. CTC helped many parents in Fresno schools with digital training for employment throughout Fresno city. Their computers were working great; and their close and kind cooperation were excellent; their leadership was very competent and helpful. Many parents were happy to learn computer skills and quite a few got jobs in the field. That enhanced the many academic successes of our students in our schools because of parents' confidence in themselves and knowledge in the matter. This experience with CTC had emboldened me to explore the possibility to bring CTC ideal and ideas to help the digitally poor people in my birth and my wife's country Vietnam and Thailand. Unfortunately, I just could not realize my dreams so far; however I've kept on trying and hopefully will succeed someday... I honestly believe that CTC has not equal in this world in helping the unfortunate and poor.”

“As a Volunteer and Board Member of CTC, I helped the organization get involved with a project which donated personal computers to Afghanistan. As the world knows, during their civil war, the Taliban looted and destroyed all of the libraries and many of the schools in that country. Girls were banned from schools and many other students simply had no schools to attend. A country with a once-thriving economy, rich culture and heritage was reduced to ruins with many of the educated population fleeing to safer havens. With the cooperation of the Afghan Public Library Foundation, CTC sent a shipment of personal computers and printers for use in the public libraries, cities and schools. This resulted in not only increased opportunities for learning among the people and children of Afghanistan, but also helped to connect the Afghan people to the rest of the world through the internet. The scenes of the Afghan people gathering to celebrate the delivery of the computers, as well as their messages of thanks to CTC was heartwarming and immensely gratifying.”

“I worked as a volunteer for CTC helping to refurbish computers to be sent to schools for students to learn on. I helped CTC in translating it training materials from English into Tagalog for its free computer learning programs in the Philippines.”

“CTC helped to provide hardware and human resources of computers systems to enrich community outreach of several local community government in the Philippines. Several local government units, known as Barangays, in the Philippines received refurbished computers. CTC then arranged for these computers to be installed. Once installed, the computer systems provided excellent assistance and immeasurable encouragement to the local leaders in their effort to improve the lives, especially of the youth, who needed orientation and training in the contemporary computerized world. As founder of CyberBarangay, the youth-adult partnership program of Central Coast California, we participated in the CTC program of securing the computers, refurbishing them for shipment to needy communities, and establishing the training programs that benefitted the needy but deprived youth of the beneficiary communities both in the Philippines and in the United States.”

“I worked as a volunteer refurbishing computer for donations to senior centers and for schools in the Philippines. I found the staff of this organization to be caring & sincere individuals who were really trying to make a difference by helping those less fortunate.”

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